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La Guerra Guiando al Pueblo

La Guerra Guiando al Pueblo

Es una reinterpretación del cuadro de Eugéne DeLacroix "La libertad Guiando al Pueblo", despojándola del realismo. La protagonista es la imagen de la Victoria alada con una corona en su mano derecha y un AK47 en su mano izquierda. La escolta y acompaña a la guerra el Pueblo, que ya son esqueletos, es decir están vivos pero ya están muertos. Al fondo a la derecha está la ciudad en llamas y un tanque. Encontrará un escudo en la Guerrera del niño-esqueleto y otra bandera en el cadáver a sus pies.

Edgar Armas Villegas

Artwork in the form of a computer file (.jpg, .gif, .mp4 etc.) accompanied by an NFT certificate of authenticity. The files are transferred automatically to the buyer after the sale (no transport costs). The new purchaser may himself change the ownership of the NFT by simple request on Artprime.


JULIO 2022

50 X 37 CM



Abajo a la izquierda

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All artists can create NFTs and sell them on Artprime, just upload a photo of their artworks, edit a certificate of authenticity, then save it on the blockchain. In the case of digital artworks in the form of computer files: photo, video, audio etc. it will be necessary to create a specific NFT to create a single original file attached to the certificate of authenticity, but which may include assignments of specific use rights. All these operations are done using the services of Artcertificate.


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All owners of physical or digital works accompanied by an NFT verified by Artcertificate, whether artists or collectors, can put their artworks for sale. All you have to do is determine a sale price and activate the sale. A collector can thus buy and resell an object by proposing a new price, the value of the artworks can then evolve according to successive purchases and sales. A history makes it possible to follow the different transcations.


When you buy an NFT, you're buying an artist's work, so it makes sense to have a high definition version produced at home. The still images of the NFTs are printed and an art tag is attached to them with information such as the title of the piece, the artist, when they bought it, etc. You can add as much information to your label as you want. The printed art also comes with a QR code that anyone can scan to get the digital art information online.

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